Your safety is a fundamental priority for us - Hotel Salvadori

Your safety is a fundamental priority for us

Dear friends, in these months we stopped and now we are ready to start again. Everything has been designed to ensure maximum safety.

Our house

Our house enjoys many spaces in all external and internal areas, offering the possibility of retiring and distance yourself from other guests in all areas. We want to protect the well-being of our guests as much as possible with safety, respect, hygiene and cleanliness
  • Cancellation policy

    we changed our cancellation policies: by booking your summer vacation you will have the option to cancel your reservation  without penalty up to 14 days before your arrival.
  • Online pre-check-in

    To reduce waiting times at the reception and  assemblies, we ask you to send us your personal data and the details of your I.D. or Passport on line


All our staff have been properly trained for ensure your safety in the best way. We have reviewed our spaces for the distancing, guaranteeing 1 mt of distance between the guests. Our rich breakfast will be served at the table like ours starter. There will be an afternoon buffet adapted to the lines guide. It is possible with a small additional cost to request the room service for breakfast and dinner
  • Our rooms

    At the beginning of your holiday you will receive a sanitized room according to the safety standards established by ours Provincia Autonoma di Trento.

  • Excursions

    Roberto will accompany you in the large uncontaminated spaces of ours woods to let you enjoy the extraordinary beauty of ours nature.

  • Mini club

    The service will be guaranteed with our guidelines in total safety.

  • Swimming pools and saunas

    Pools and saunas will be available by appointment to avoid crowds.

We wait for you