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Beauty & Relax

L'abete, benessere alpinoIn the beauty zone  our team waiting for you to complete the benefits of the kingdom of the heat by taking care of your body with massage and treatments, for a total well-being. A warm atmosphere with sweet sounds, delicate colors and fragrant atmosphere … you will feel in a paradise of wellness!

Let yourself be guided by experts: the face treatments use natural products such as Ribes nigrum of Trentino for a fantastic feeling of freshness, Phytomelatonin that gives nourishment and tone, the classic grape treatments for an anti-aging effect, flowers of hay to give freshness and relaxation. Body treatments with Ribes Nigrum, anti-cellulite seaweed, salt, Teroldego wine, an  excellent anti-aging, treatments with chocolate, dedicated to the delicious,  and finally personalized treatments to regenerate and tone up.

Relax, cuddle, sweet moments … are our many massages: relaxing body massage, it helps calming the stress, restoring strenght and brightness to body and soul;  lymphatic drainage massage, stimulate the lymphatic circulation and contrast the swelling of the limbs , stone massagge with hot and cold lavic stones, Ayurveda and pindasweda with buffers of spices and herbs to stimulate heated deep tissues.

For those who always wanted to feel beautiful, we also offer hairdressing and beauty body, hands and feet.
And finally our baths in tub Spa Thermo …. Special tub with a water bed at a constant temperature (37 °) to optimize the treatments performed with herbs and natural products.
By wrapping in a blanket soaked the essence of your choice, maintains a balance between lightweight body heat and the water without direct contact. So the product is absorbed better, accompanied by a beneficial muscle relaxation, a pleasant and distension of the spinal column, and why not, a moment of pure detachment from reality. Try it!

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