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Sauna World

Discover the world of charity Saunas, a heaven of peace and relaxation for your body and your mind

  • From the winter season 2013 we have expanded our wellness center with new saunas and large relaxation area.

  • Finnish sauna: a dry bath at 80°-110°C. The natural aromas stimulate the circulation, helping to detoxicate the body and have a beneficial effect on the skin and respiratory organs. The sauna’s dry climate is also recommended for chronic rheumatisms and arthroses.

  • Turkish bath: steam bath at 45°-48°C. This bath offers a pleasant combination of radiant heat and steam. The heat radiated from the benches and walls increases body temperature, reinforcing its immune system, while you enjoy the benefit of a steam bath at the same time. Recommended for improving the respiratory system, it facilitates pH regulation, hydration and skin cleansing. A pleasant and beneficial aromatic bath is achieved by adding natural essences mixed with the steam.

  • Bio Sauna with hay: it is a sauna, which is placed in an intermediate position between the Finnish sauna and turkish bath. The temperature is not too high and the presence of a moisture content between 50 and 70% make it particularly appreciated by women, and the effects on health and on the well-being of the body. The presence of dried herbs reproduces the benefits of hay bath.

  • Turkish bath thalassotherapy: our turkish bath salt is the best place to relax the muscles and to appease the stimulation of cough. The brine steam welcomes you with a temperature of 45-50 ° C and 100% humidity, to stimulate circulation and leave the skin soft as a baby. Breathe deeply and immediately a feeling of lightness invade your body.

  • And than, relaxation area with chairs, water beds, and the corner of herbal teas.