Hotel in the mountains in Trentino. The perfect hotel for your family

Our story from 1905

A passion that finds origins in the past

Famiglia SalvadoriThe stately house was inhabited by Salvadori big namesake family. The grandfather Angelo and grandmother Amabile were great workers, and together they formed the very numerous family Salvadori: 15 children! At the time there was no tourism, they work the land and the whole family was busy to give hospitality to the passers-by in their small inn. But times were not easy and there were many mouths to feed, so when the children become older they decided to take different ways, somebody went abroad someone else went to Italy searching a little luck. Gino, one of the middle children, was the one, who after years of war and experiences with the best chefs of the time decided to return to Mezzana to advance the family inn. On his return he married Giuseppina , and together with their son Angelo and their daughter Paola managed with great sacrifices to make the house look like a real hotel, restructuring it and making it bigger every year. Today, our hotel is a blend of tradition and innovation in every environment. Chef Angelo, Paola and all the family are waiting for you.

The innovation

Today in the hotel Salvadori all areas have been renovated. Thanks to the great green space which surround the structure the new part was built with spacious rooms and wellness center.
The aim of the family and of all the staff is guests cuddle in every aspect of the holiday: with foods that reflect the traditions, with care and wellness and relaxation. We organize excursions and trips, mini club for children and walks with soft gymnastics for people who prefer to rest.

The Salvadori family is waiting for you!