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Hotel Salvadori in Mezzana, Val di Sole: the home of relaxation, well-being and discoveries!

For summer 2023, our expert Guide Grazia, Mid-Mountain Guide, has organized an Activity program designed for those who love discoveries, nature and take care of their well-being.

Activity is giving a change to everyday life, it is opening your eyes to the world around us which is so fragile, it is breathing deeply, it is giving yourself a chance to feel good while enjoying the wonderful panoramas that Val di Sole offers.
Val di Sole, a small territory with large spaces: the Dolomites, the glaciers and the highest peaks of Trentino, the two Natural Parks, its precious waters. Val di Sole offers the best nature gives us to regenerate.
The Activity program offered by our Hotel is full of experiences, but above all it wants to make you fall in love with this area to ensure that this valley will always remain in your heart.

We invite you to live the true essence of the mountain, a unique experience to recharge and relax at 360 °

  • Did you know that Val di Sole is also known as the Valley of Water?
    A land rich in glaciers, natural spas, waterfalls and splendid lakes, all surrounded by the spectacular peaks of the Dolomites!

    For excursions, you will always be accompanied by our expert Guide Grazia, Middle Mountain Guide, now a guarantee, that she will be able to convey to you, also this year, her passion and knowledge for nature and she will tell you the many stories, anecdotes and traditions that our valley holds.

    Discovery the program


    Make the discovery of this territory adventurous and magical, with an experience suitable for everyone, through dirt paths, woods immersed in silence, small lakes and waterfalls, fresh and clean air, with the possibility of meeting some inhabitants of the forest and why not, make some new friends. All in the saddle of a bike!

    For bike rides we rely, also this summer, on our guide Gigi, who will take you on the most beautiful trails in our area.

    Discovery the program