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Hotel Salvadori in Mezzana, Val di Sole: the house of relaxation, wellness and discoveries!

For the Summer 2022, the Hotel Salvadori the salvadori hotel proposes to its Guests three guided excursions per week and two accompanied mountain bike rides, to discover the hidden wonders of Val di Sole.

Immerse yourself in the nature of Trentino, to awaken the senses, which in everyday life we ​​tend to forget or use incorrectly.
During the activities that we have thought for you, you will be caught by the scents of the wood, while you listen to the sweet symphony of a stream or the rush of a waterfall. You will be able to closely observe the magic that nature offers us, savoring some fruit and rediscovering the pleasure of being outdoors.

All in the splendid setting of the Dolomites, to rediscover our territory: the Val di Sole. Land of water, glaciers, spas, waterfalls, splendid lakes, but also of silent woods.
In Val di Sole you will find the highest peaks in Trentino: Presanella, Cevedale and the spectacular spiers of the Brenta Dolomites.

We invite you to live the true essence of the mountain, a unique experience to recharge and relax at 360 °


    Ready to visit the green woods of Val di Sole? Falling in love with the wonderful mirrors of water that are reminiscent of a storybook? Discover breathtaking panoramic points typical of Val di Sole and Trentino?

    For excursions, our guide Grazia will always accompany you, Mid-Mountain Guide, that will reveal to you the secrets of nature and the many stories and traditions kept by our Valley.

    Discovery the program


    Make the discovery of this territory adventurous and magical, with an experience suitable for everyone, through dirt paths, woods immersed in silence, small lakes and waterfalls, fresh and clean air, with the possibility of meeting some inhabitants of the forest and why not, make some new friends. All in the saddle of a bike!

    For bike rides we rely, also this summer, on our guide Gigi, who will take you on the most beautiful trails in our area.

    Discovery the program